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Every step we take brings us to a new level in life. We are looking to collaborate with unique and special individuals, businesses, organizations, that desire to be a part of a community of people making a positive difference in our world!!


To be clear in our thinking, effective in our goals, successful in our change, we need to be healthy. In our minds, spirits, bodies and environments. Re-focusing and renewing our minds takes time and practice. It is important we connect people with those who have empathy, compassion, patience and understanding while they embark on their life journey. 


We work and connect with fellow collaborators who are experts in their fields and provide products & services that are organic, clean, positive, healthy, therapeutic, level up businesses, mentor, increase company revenue, assist in setting up individuals & businesses so they are properly prepared. Some of these areas of practice include: banking & accounting, financial & legal, real estate & home staging; therapy technicians(music, light, sound, aroma, ambiance); nutritionists(who educate and promote clean eating); fitness trainers; counsellors, mediators & psychologists; travel experts; builders & designers (to assist us in our 'Tiny Homes' project); event planners; home organizing; budgets & meal prep; beauty & spa; gardeners & landscapers (to assist in community garden programs); fashion & hair stylists; pet lovers (to assist in reaching misplaced animals); Dr's & Natural Healers/wellness therapists & last but not least - Emergency Responders who can provide training and education on self defence/home invasion safety/ fire safety/accident & roadside safety/CPR & danger assessment. 


If any of these areas resonate with you and you have a heart for helping others thru philanthropy, connect with us and send us your WHY and what you do. We will have our ethics committee set up an interview with you. If you are approved and selected, we will begin connecting you with our programs and team leaders to get started making YOUR Positive Difference! 


If you do not have a business or professional skill set in one of the above areas, we still need YOU! We cannot reach everyone on our own and require awesome volunteers to help in these areas for both our programs and our community events:

Hostess & Hospitality

Audio & Sound

Photography & Videography

Event set up & tear down

Community Coordinators

Project Managers

Design and Graphics

Brochures and Flyers

Media & Radio

Green Room and Backstage 

Event & Program Maintenance 

Info & Resource Center 

Promotional & Advertising

Demo Timelines & Coordination

Fashion Show


Event Budget Coordinator

Event Decor & Design

Campaign Coordinator

Venue Coordinator(layout & design)


Safety Coordinator

Event On-sight Medical

Legal & Accounting

On-line E-commerce Store Managers

Event & Community Intake & Feedback Forms

Vendor Coordinator 

Volunteer Lounge Coordinator

Event Assistants

Caterer Coordinator

Guest Speaker Transportation Coordinator

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