In 2018 and 2019 we will be volunteering in various areas and launching the following projects: 

The Backpack Project

"Packages of Purpose"

(delivering our custom survival & nourish backpacks to those in need)

Organic Cooking Classes

Clean Eating Programs

Community Gardens 

(to provide food and jobs for the homeless:

aid them in eating healthy)

'Help & Restore' 

(helpful home reno's for Seniors)

Feeding your family on a Budget


Kids Healthy Lunch Programs

Organic Pet Snacks

Self Defense Demos' and Awareness

'Give a Little Love' Campaign

(Indiviual tour community 'Pay-It-Forwards)

'Shower for an Hour'

(portable showers for the homeless and misplaced animals)

'Transformation Stay-Cation'

(focus on local affordable stay-cations: making your home zen through design, relaxation techniques and natural therapies)

Make-Over Movement

(make-overs and community fashion shows for those coming out of adversity)

Tiny Homes Experiment

We are collaborating with others & the vision is building TINY HOMES for some special people! Our team will build one during the winter and give away in the Spring. We want to see every homeless person have a place to call their own over the next few years. 

(we will collaborate with volunteers to build and give away tiny homes)

Raymond House

(founding of our family charity)
A 90 day to 1 year program for those coming out of or have come out of adversity. We will run camps, workshops, training, give them coaches in all walks of life and help them get their feet back under them!